Bubbas BBQ & Steakhouse has been serving the Ennis, TX area since 1988 with the finest BBQ in the area.

Bubba’s BBQ & Steakhouse was established in 1988. Bubba’s is a family owned BBQ restaurant located just off highway 45 in Ennis, Texas. John Meager bought the restaurant in 2019 and has been working hard to improve the restaurant. John and his staff strive to make your dining experience pleasant and one you would crave to experience time and time again.

John Meager is a Texan, born and raised in the DFW area. He is an entrepreneur at heart and strives to improve the world that we live in through his businesses. He has ambitious plans for Bubba’s BBQ and expects a bright future.

Sam and Rickey manage the restaurant on a daily basis and we are appreciative of their hard work, dedication, and love for the people of Ennis, Texas. Sam has over forty years of restaurant management experience and has improved the processes of the restaurant so we can better cater to our customers. Rickey has been a restaurant and bar manager for the past six years and he has helped us improve the food quality and guests experiences.

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Bubba’s BBQ & Steakhouse
210 S Interstate Highway 45, Ennis, TX 75119

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