Catering Menu

The menu has a variety of Texas BBQ classics including meat by the pound, sides by the gallon, and homemade desserts. To order for delivery, you may call or place your order in our restaurant. We appreciate a 24 hour notice.


Price per pound

Chopped Brisket
Our chopped brisket is perfect for sandwiches.

Sliced Brisket
Juicy brisket sliced just the way you like it. You can pick from marbled, lean or mix.

Spicy or regular? What’s your flavor?

Pork Ribs
Fall off the bone smoked ribs.

Smoked Ham
Cured and cooked slow and steady until slightly smoky.

Smoked Turkey
The smoke from the wood gives the turkey a sweet, delicately smoky flavor and a tender texture.

Smoked Chicken
Smoked until golden brown on the outside, tender fall off the bone on the inside.


Half Pan $29.99
Full Pan $49.99

Fried Okra
Made to order and served smokin hot.

French Fries
Made to order and served fresh.

Fresh off the cobb.

Fine chopped raw cabbage with sauce that will cool your burning mouth.

Baked Beans
Sweet baked beans served warm.

Mac and Cheese
Homemade mac and cheese that your mama would die for

Potato Salad
Each potato is hand picked and hand cut to maximum tastiness

Pinto Beans
Seasoned with pinto bean seasoning.

Green Beans
Cooked with fresh garlic.


Fruit Cobbler
A secret recipe. Made fresh daily.

Banana Pudding
Homemade every day

Flavor changes constantly. Call the restaurant to ask what’s available.

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